Our Impact

Success stories

These pages contain information about MEDG's work and tell some of the stories of individuals and schools who have benefited from MEDG's programs.

A teacher’s story from Takaung Shwe Pyi Monastic School

" I got my chance to improve our monastic school, teachers and students by attending CCT(Core competency training) training provided by MEDG. At first I worried to attend the training but I felt that the trainers and participants were warmly welcoming and really friendship as a family. In training I was afraid to present in front of the class. But a few days later, I had more confident to do presentation by myself. Also I have got many teaching and learning strategies from the modules and from the trainers’ facilitating. This one month period is really meaningful for my life to facilitate in the class. Moreover center based mentoring help me up to improve my teaching skills and facilitation skills. Therefore I will continuous to try the best to improve my skills and students skills. "

A teacher’s story from Hanzar Monastic School

" Before attending CCA(Child Centered Approach) training, we taught the lessons without lesson plan and preparation. We also have no idea whether children are getting learning achievements or not. Assessment is also done only by writing on the paper by heart. "

" After attending CCA training we prepare lesson-plans before teaching. We came to know how to do assessment for learning achievement and can assess whether children got the message from the teaching lesson. We found children are happily and actively participate in learning when we apply CCA methods at the class. Before, most children were unwilling to come to the school. After applying CCA methods in our school, children are active and willing at schooling so we found very low rate of student absence. We teach poems, songs, do the role plays and play different games for children. That is why children actively and happily participate in learning now. We found the improvement of children’s thinking abilities and team work skill after applying learning methods in group discussion. I believe children now have more confidence than before at learning and thinking about lesson. "