Delivering Teacher Training

MEDG's approach to teacher training

Teacher training within MEDG is provided by the Teacher Professional Development Group (TPDG). This is a group of more than 40 teacher trainers who have been trained to deliver child centered teacher training according to the Yaung Zin modules provided by Pyoe Pin (a Yangon based NGO which work closely with MEDG).

TPDG provide core competencies training to monastic education teachers from 7 states and divisions. Our group is not only conducting training but also providing mentoring process for monastic teachers. When we provided mentoring, we did two type of mentoring. Those are School Based Mentoring and Center Based Mentoring. In school based mentoring, MEDG trainers mentor such as area in lesson planning and classroom observation, negotiation to have good relationship between principals and teachers and conducting awareness meeting for parental involvement in schools to be child development. We spent 2 days or 3 days for each school in school based mentoring.

By conducting center based mentoring, trainers provide in lesson planning and classroom observation for teachers over 10 days. Trainers are able to devote more time to mentoring and teacher development in center base mentoring (as opposed to school based mentoring). Trainers can observe the teachers’ progress more in center based mentoring. Those are what our team is providing for education.

Most of the principals and teachers gained a lot of skills and more understanding of education by receiving CCT training, school based mentoring, center based mentoring and awareness raising from MEDG. Trained teachers applied CCA in the classrooms by classroom observation in training and mentoring. Now most of the teachers from monastic education schools were more confident to become as a teacher and they were very good at in managing of teaching and learning process. Other achievement is most of the principals and parents become more aware of child development is how important in Education.

On the other hand the trainers also develop in those areas, which are more confident to conduct the training, explanation of session showing effective example, motivating to get active participant, observation skills and giving feedback on peer, well preparation for session and participating, using assessment tools clearly, changed attitude on education, improving subject content knowledge on 8 modules and text book, good communicating between in team. In addition trainers improved in critical thinking skills, creative learning activities, and self-reflection and changed on the needed and accepting feedback from others and apply it and then they are also good in self-motivation.